The Issaquah High PTSA encourages students to continue their education after graduation, by offering five $1,000 scholarships, for both Tech/Vocational pursuits, as well as Community College and University applications. Student applying for IH PTSA Scholarship must be in good standing at IHS, and demonstrate a commitment to furthering education. 

Purpose: The purpose of this scholarship is to support students who have shown significant personal academic growth over their high school career.

Eligibility: Any student currently enrolled at IHS, with a 2.0 or higher grade point average, committed to furthering his/her education, attending any educational institution immediately following graduation from IHS.

Deadlines and Application:  Download the Application Form here, or hard copies are available in the IHS College and Career Center.  Click HERE to review the Senior Scholarship Evaluation Rubric. 

Applications process is currently closed.

For more information, contact IH PTSA Senior Scholarships chair: Maria Philips


The recipients of the 2018 IH PTSA Senior Scholarships of $1,000 each were:

    Nick Harang  * Chirasmita Kompella  * Lauren Rosen  *  Elsa Bean  *  Meghan Obernberger 

    Callie Mejia  * Jordan Wallace  *  Trevor Mele.


The recipients of the 2017 PTSA Senior Scholarships of $1,000 each were:

   Gabriel Bacerdo  *  Madison Gilbert  *  Abigail Hotchkiss  *  Kyle Israel  *  Emily Spencer


The recipients of the 2016 PTSA Senior Scholarships of $1,000 each were:

   Anne Ginthner  *  Olga Andreeva  *  Amy Behar  *  Samantha Harbeck 


The recipients of the 2015 PTSA Senior Scholarships of $500 each were:

  Andrew Co  *  Bryan Hanner  *  Kathleen Hinchcliffe  *  Edward Park 

  Anne Robertson  *  Pratik Vaidya 

The scholarship committee was impressed by the community service, leadership, goal-setting and dedication these students exhibited at IHS. Congratulations to these graduated IHS students, as they have left our school and community a better place!