NOTICE: Our online reporting system is currently not accepting hours reported by underclassman while we work towards launching our new reporting system.  For now, hold on to your hours. We are currently beta testing the site.  Please check back again in February 2020.

Build Community - Enrich Your Life

Congratulations to our graduating 2019 Seniors for donating over 35,000 hours to our greater Issaquah Community!

This year, 190 Senior students met the eligibility criteria, representing 33% of the Senior class.

Congratulations to the full list of Honor Cord recipients.

Below are messages from many of those Senior honor cord recipients who wanted to share their personal experiences, and continued legacy of community service:

Muskaan Agarwal:

"Community service has enriched my life by allowing me to give back to those organizations and people in my community that continue to want to lead healthy, sustainable lives. Its what keeps the world un apathetic, and allows us to become unified."

Kahnya Humphrey:

"Community Service has impacted my life immensely, being able to serve my community and give back to people who are less fortunate then I am has helped me not only build character but compassion. I'm able to grow closer to my community and the people within our great state, and I'm glad I've made a difference and I'll continue to do so in the future!" 

Susanna McIntyre:

"My community service experience has allowed me to help many people that I wouldn't have been introduced to otherwise. I have learned that there are many people in need in the community around us, and that we all should be willing to help improve the lives around us."

Marcus Tang:

"Through my involvement with the Issaquah School Voice Program, I realized that anyone can make a significant impact on others if they take the initiative."

Srinidhi Nanduri:

"Community Service. These two words mean the world to me. I have always wanted to help people from a very young age and make an impact on others peoples life. By doing community service at the local Swedish Hospital, Camp Counseling , and Part time Internship at Swedish First Hill , I have learned so much to apply to my own life. I love hearing peoples stories and experience, and I love working with others. Since I had a health Condition from a young age, I have always wanted to help prevent the feeling of loneliness to those who are facing it , make them feel supported and loved.I believe the world is a beautiful place, and we can help others world too in a positive way. Making a person smile is a gift and service in itself too!"

Karina Shirokova:

"By volunteering at food banks, clothing donations, and soup kitchen, I got exposed to hundreds of individuals that live completely different lives. Although their current situations differed from mine, a lot of us shared the same positive outlook on life. It was always super interesting to hear about their personal lifestyle, upbringings, and any other stories that they shared because all of them were unique. At the end of the day, we are all people that should help each other out in any way we could." 

Engu Fontama:

"I truly believe service is valuable because every person deserves someone who’s willing to lend a hand. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if everyone used their talent to care about something special."

Sim Hawkins:

"Through community service I am able to serve in a way that's specific to my interests and it has allowed me to accomplish more in my endeavours elswhere. It's also  impossible to not smile when helping others!"

Priscilla Tran:

"Community service has greatly opened myself up to different opportunities! I chose to work a lot with tennis and hiking because I enjoy those two activities, and volunteering in these atmospheres not only created a way for me to connect with like-minded thinkers, but also inspired connections for me to the outdoor and sports communities. As a result, I actually ended up finding a job outdoors this summer!"

Samra Hassan:

"I think community service is a great way of giving back to the community and helping make or keep my community a great place. I think communities are great people of the people who have the mindset of helping one another. Community service helped me realized how something so small I do can make such a great impact on the people around. Plus helping one another is the first stone to humanity and kindness so I think this community service experience has truly humbled me and taught make so many wonderful things. It’s also helped me engage with the people around my community and get to know them better. This was truly a great experience!" 

Claire Nikong:

"Community service has enabled me to better understand the world around me. The most important thing I have learned is how to sympathize with and accommodate those with a wide range of abilities, a skill I am grateful for." 

Thea Campbell:

"My community service over the years has taught me leadership, responsibility, time management, and organization skills. All my submitted hours were through my Girl Scout troop, we put on an encampment weekend every year for younger troops, we’ve helped troops begin leading spring encampment, and I personally have volunteered to be cookie “mom”. All of these put me in a position of leadership being in charge of younger girls, helping younger troops, managing thousands of dollars and hundreds of cookie boxes, and through all of this I was able to be guided by my troop leaders who largely left us to our own planning and execution but helping when needed thus giving us the freedom to take control and lead ourselves and figure out what works. This freedom and this responsibility molded me into the independent and confident woman I am today. Helping those in my community and watching those girls enjoy our months of hard work make my year, it brings me such joy and my Girl Scout troop has been the best four years of my life." 

Beck Taylor:

"Doing most of my community service with Athletes for Kids has made me be more patient and understanding. It has also taught me how to work hard to form a friendship with a kid that I didn’t click with immediately."

Lydia Huesgen:

"My community service helped me gain real-world experience before I had the opportunity to get a job, so I felt more prepared for working when I started. It also allowed me to be a part of the medical field without needing to have a college degree. Also, I was able to help the people who truly needed it and it made me realize that is what I want to do in my career as a doctor for the rest of my life."

Mitchell Barnes:

"I like to think I have help my community because I was a camp counselor for 5th graders and had a very important role in their time at camp to make it a memory that they can never forget for the rest of their lives."

Jasmine Maynard-Zhang:

"Community service has opened my eyes to how blessed I am, as well as shown me how to give back."

Trevor Morine:

"Serving as a mentor for Athletes for Kids throughout high school has been an eye-opening experience. From being a mentor, I got the opportunity to be my buddy’s role model, show him how to have fun, and guide him to creating new friendships. I wouldn’t trade my time serving with Athletes for Kids for anything else!"

Jessica Wood:

"Community Service has made an impact on my life by shifting my focus from myself, to other’s needs. The world becomes a better place when we are willing to lend a helping hand and sacrifice our time." 

Dylan Hepworth:

"So for me- community service has allowed me to develop important skills like leadership, teamwork, and communications. Not only have these traits allowed me to become a hard worker and leader within many clubs and events, I have been able to help my community grow and support one another. At this very moment in time, our nation is separated. Even Issaquah itself is separated. And by doing community service, I have been able to help people regardless of their background. We are all human and we need to be willing to look past our differences and aim to help each other. I’ve matured so much through my community service. It’s an experience that as allowed me to meet so many different individuals and learn things I would never have learned before. Work hard and aim high. That has been my motto over the years and it’s gotten me far."

Cyan Fuehr:

"The reason I do these volunteer hours is because I get to see the impact I’ve made on others." 


In collaboration with the IH College and Career Center, the IH PTSA is proud to sponsor the IH PTSA Community Service Program, designed to recognize students’ contributions throughout our community through service.

Community Service hours are reported to IH PTSA throughout each year.  The IH PTSA tabulates and submits the total hours reported to the school for special recognition at graduation. Each student completing 100 or more Community Service Hours will receive a certificate and white cord at graduation. 


The Community Service Program is sponsored by the Issaquah High PTSA.  It was started in 2013 as a way to recognize students for their commitment to helping others and their community.  

As recognition, students who meet the number of hours required, receive their Community Service Honor Cord to be worn at graduation.  

Requirement:     100 hours

NOTICE: Our online reporting system is currently not accepting hours reported by underclassman while we work towards launching our new reporting system.   For now, hold on to your hours. We are currently beta testing the app.  Please check back again in February 2020.

How To Submit:  Click here to complete your online form.  We are no longer accepting hard copy log forms. Please submit your hours any time throughout the year, through the online process.  

Questions? Email: IH PTSA Community Service.

Any volunteer work done after 8th grade graduation qualifies. Please note, Community Service Hours are NOT a requirement for graduation.

For a list of volunteer opportunities, visit the IHS College and Career Center Volunteer Page at: IHSCCCVolunteer.                                                  

Questions, contact Pamela Krueger, Community Service Committee Chair.