WELCOME to IH PTSA Family & Community Engagement


IH PTSA's Family and Community Engagement Program (FACE) offers an array of resources to enhance the current Outreach for new families, including diversity initiatives.  When families come together, and understand how to engage, connect with school communities to help their kids, they feel less intimidated, isolated, detached. 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are necessary components for family success. The benefits in creating an inviting environment further our community's goals, by involving more parents and teachers in school activities, advocating for the needs of all children, and encouraging more volunteers to advance the group’s mission!

Our goal is to empowered families to better understand the ISD process in order to advocate for their own children. We're looking for volunteers to help along the way.

IH PTSA Mission: 

  • Seek to connect families, offering resources in native languages (Spanish, Chinese, Korean).
  • Assist families to understand and navigate our ISD school system.
  • Focus on diverse families (socio economic, cultural, language diverse, working families) .
  • Provide resources to ensure family successes during transitional times (translations, suggest new resources, etc.).
  • Provide informational and educational Events (8th Grade Nights, New to IHS Night, etc.)
  • Amplify our voices at IH PTSA general meetings, Family Partnership meetings, and district-wide.

Join our family committee to act as a guide, resource, and mentor to new ISD families, culturally and linguistically diverse, new to IHS, stay-at-home and working parents, etc. 

If your family needs support, we're an email away!  We'll connect everyone to appropriate resources and people! 

Questions, new to the community, contact our IH PTSA FACE Committee for support, IHPTSAFACE@gmail.com

The Issaquah School District holds seminars to help families navigate through the U.S. school system.  Many seminars are available in different languages HERE.

A calendar of upcoming events (with Zoom registrations) can be found HERE.

A calendar with religious and cultural events may be found HERE.

Latest edition Cultural Bridges Magazine, offered in multiple languages, and published quarterly

List of Common Sense Media Resources about Race and Racism.

Issaquah High PTSA aligns with the National PTA. Read the National PTA's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion HERE or find resources HERE.