IH PTSA's Special Education Committee's mission is to ensure families receiving ISD Special Services have a direct voice in their educational journey, supporting families in connection to resources, navigation, and advocacy.

Our PTSA community works to ensure each Issaquah School District child will be prepared for academic success as the primary foundation for a productive life.

Issaquah PTSA Council and IH PTSA Special Education Committees Strive to Provide:

  • Advocacy: Represents interests of special education families to the Issaquah PTSA and the Issaquah School District. We advocate for inclusion and accessibility – in school curricula, activities and more. We aim to improve communications between parents/guardians and district administrators.
  • Resources: Discusses and shares information and resources in the community, while inviting professionals to speak on related topics. 
Interested in joining IH PTSA's Special Education Committee? Questions?
Council YouTube Channel: Issaquah PTSA Council 2.6 - YouTube.
Issaquah PTSA Council presents a series of short webinars, about 10-15 minutes in length, answering 3-4 community questions regarding ISD Special Services, providing ISD families with resources to answers common concerns.
Suggestions, questions for future webinars, email Issaquah PTSA Council Special Education Rep.

Webinar #5

  • Recovery services throughout 2021-22.
  • How will services be measured?
  • How can issues with recovery services be resolved?

ISD PTSA Special Education Webinar February 11, 2022 - YouTube

Webinar #4
  • Provides examples of available individualized services?
  • Where are posted, standard timelines for IEP-related issues? What can parents do if delayed?
  • Process for documenting missed services when ISD has not available or hired certified staff/? How are services made-up?
  • How can ISD promote strengths and solutions-based communications? What are you working on to improve connections with families?

Webinar #3

  • LRC1 families selecting in-person hybrid option, how will push-in and pull-out services be delivered?
  • For LRC1 families selecting full remote model, will student’s schedule or services change?
  • What are in-person appointment services, and who' is eligible to receive services?
  • In addition to annual IEP reviews, what other circumstances require formal IEP Team meetings? How should parents request IEP meetings?

 Webinar #2

  • How should LRC1 families push back or escalate requests if IEP team unaware of the option for limited in-person support?
  • When a return date for hybrid in-person learning is determined, how will services for LRC1 students change – both for in-person school learning and remote learning families.
  • For IEP meetings, what experience would ISD like to provide for parents? What steps should families or IEP make take to improve overall process?

Webinar #1

  • Can you explain some of the process you went through in the Special Education department to get ready for the return to school students in the ECE, LRC2, and ACT programs once you received the go ahead from the district?
  • What are ISDs priorities for structuring limited in-person classroom time? How can families maximize the experience?
  • Has ISD created plans to allow LRC1 students access to in-person services ahead of general education, grade-level peers?
  • What options do families have to modify student IEP plans?