Volunteer Opportunities at Issaquah High School

Looking to get involved?  SIGN UP HERE to be notified of upcoming volunteer opportunities.  IH PTSA is truly thankful for our generous families and community involvement. When everyone works together, IHS's amazing students WIN!

Before volunteering in-person at ISD schools (including chaperoning), all volunteers must complete an annual volunteer application. Click HERE to complete the ISD Volunteer Application.  Instructions are HERE.

Yearbook Donations

From the Angel Chairs:

We have become aware of a need and we're hoping that you can help us address it.

Normally, in any given school year there’s a small handful of seniors that would love to commemorate their time at IHS with a yearbook, but are unable to afford the cost. This year we’re looking at an abnormally high number of 28 seniors. We are unable to accommodate this number with our budgeted funds as it we feel such a large amount would diminish our fund’s significantly and take away from the essential items we need to provide for the rest of the (growing) group.

However, we have a proposed solution. We as parents are able to make a direct donation to the school scholarship fund to cover the yearbooks for these students. If this is something you would like to do, please follow these directions: (thank you!)

  1. Go to the district pay online portal here
  2. You do not even need to sign into your account. You can just click the make a donation button immediately below the User Name and Password fields. 
  3. It will take you to another page. In the first three fields select: Issaquah High School, scholarship donation, and the amount you would like to donate (a yearbook cost $60 so if you would like to donate a complete yearbook 1:1 put in that amount, but any amount would be appreciated!)
  4. In the 4th "memo" field type in “yearbook or other scholarship needs”. NOTE: please type in exactly as stated so that it can find the right account. :) 
  5. Please do this by December 1st as there is an order deadline. :)

Please reach out with any questions. ihsangelprogram@gmail.com

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Current Chairperson Opportunities:

Chairpersons act as the point person between IHS and PTSA.  They send emails to committee volunteers and organize any meetings.  Chairs are supported by the PTSA Board Members.

Here is the Signup Genius for Chairpersons/Lead Volunteers

  • Staff Monthly Breakfast Co-chairs - gathers food donations from other volunteers.  Prep (e.g. cutting bagels) on the morning of staff breakfasts.  Contact IHPTSAHospitality@gmail.com.
  • 2024 Staff Appreciation Week Committee - (March-May), organizes a week of staff appreciation events during the first week of May.  Contact IHPTSAHospitality@gmail.com. 
  • 2024 Senior Events co-chairs - oversees chairs related to senior events (possible events include Senior Farewell, Senior Breakfast, Senior Party, Senior Yard Signs).  This requires a highly organized person.  Contact IHPTSAEvents@gmail.com

Current Open Board Positions:

Board Members attend monthly meetings to organize the PTSA.  They act as a resource for chairs.  Email IHPTSAPresidents@gmail.com to inquire about any of these board positions.

  • We have a full team!

Required ISD Online Volunteer Application Process

All IHS and ISD volunteers must complete online application process - PRIOR TO VOLUNTEERING, at least 48 hours before service. Register once for all ISD schools. Potential volunteers who have not completed the application are unable to volunteer. Click to complete ISD Volunteer Application.

Process includes viewing volunteer training slideshow, and uploading copy of individual driver's license.  Questions, email: volunteers@issaquah.wednet.edu, or call 425-837-7000.


These chairperson positions are currently filled:

  • Picture Day/Laptop Chair - acts as the liaison between IHS Staff and PTSA volunteers.  Provides snack/lunch with PTSA budget.  First week of school.
  • Textbook Checkout Chait - acts as the liaison between IHS Staff and PTSA volunteers.  Provides snack/lunch with PTSA budget.  First week of school.
  • Awards Chair - solicits nominations for for PTSA's Golden Acorn Volunteer award, Outstanding Advocate award, and Outstanding Educator award.  Organizes two meetings with parent committees to evaluate nominations.  Makes sure that the awards are presented, certificates purchased, and school plaques engraved.  Contact IHPTSASecretary@gmail.com
  • Grants Chair - advertises and organizes the PTSA grants review three times a year.  Arranges meetings with the grants committee and ask for clarification from grant submitters.  Presents the grants at the general membership meeting three times a year.
  • New Family Connections Co-chairs - pair up experienced high school parents with new parents to the school.  Plan social events and information sessions with IHS (e.g. College and Career Center introduction, coffee with the principal).   Contact IHPTSAOutreach@gmail.com, if interested.
  • Volunteer Coordinator - create sign-up geniuses for PTSA events.  Email IHPTSAPresidents@gmail.com .
  • PTSA's ACT/SAT Practice Exam Coordinator.  Answer parents' emails, send reminders, act as liaison between IH PTSA and Huntington Learning Center, and check in students on the Saturdays. If you cannot be there on all Saturdays, that is fine; just tell the PTSA board. This is a yearlong commitment.  Contact IHPTSAPrograms@gmail.com

These board positions are currently filled:

  • Co-VP of Events - oversees chairs for Picture Day, Textbook Checkout, Laptop Checkout, New to IHS Night, and Senior Events (which in turn oversees Senior Breakfast, Senior Farewell, Senior Grad Party, Senior Fundraising, Senior Signs).  Attends monthly board meetings.
  • Co-VPs of Outreach - oversees chairs of Angel program, ParentEd, Ask an Academic Advisor Night, Family and Community Engagement (FACE), Healthy Student, New Family Connections, and Safety Backpack.  Attends monthly board meetings.
  • Co-VPs of Hospitality - oversees chairs of College and Career Center Hospitality (including Senior exit interviews, College Rep Day), PTSA General Meeting snacks, Staff Appreciation Week, Staff Back-to-School Lunch, and Staff Monthly Breakfasts.  Attends monthly board meetings.
  • Co-VP of Programs - oversees chairs of Grants, College and Career Planning (webinars), Practice SAT/ACTs, Community Service Honor Cords, and Senior Scholarship.  Attends monthly board meetings.
  • Co-VP Communications - posts on Peachjar & social media, submits IHS Weekly Bulletin, updates PTSA's website
  • Secretary - oversees the Awards chair, distributes agendas for board meetings, takes minutes at the board and general membership meetings, and assists as needed.  Attends monthly board and general membership meetings.
  • Treasurer - oversees the financial aspect of the PTSA including filing appropriate legal documents (e.g. taxes).  Presents a monthly financial review to the board and general membership meeting, if documents are not under the consent agenda.  Attends monthly board and general membership meetings.
  • Assistant Treasurer - non check-signing board member that assists the treasurer.  Arranges the January and July financial review.  Attends the monthly board and general membership meetings.
  • Director Advocacy - reminds PTSA that the students come first.  Gathers information on how to  change laws and contact state representatives.   This position is largely self-determined. This is a good entry-level PTSA Board position.

Past Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Staff Back-to-School Lunch (August 28, 11:30 AM) - Drink and Dessert Signup
  • Monthly Staff Appreciation Breakfasts - Sept 6, 2023 Breakfast Signup (Future signups include Oct. 4, Nov. 1, Dec. 6, Jan. 3, Feb. 7, March 6, April 3, May 1, and June 5)
  • Picture Day (August 31) - Signup
  • Textbook Checkout (Sept. 1) - Signup
  • IHS Homecoming Dance Chaperone (Saturday, Sept. 23, 7:30-11:15 PM) - Signup
  • $10 Salmon Day Parking Helper (IM/IH PTSA Fundraiser) - Signup
  • ASB Candy Project (non-PTSA) - Sign up to provide candy for an ASB passion project. 
  • ASB Cookies, Sprinkles, Frosting Signup.  Drop off at IHS front desk on Monday, Nov. 13.  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0844ADAF29A2FFC61-45921038-cookie#/