IH PTSA funds selected IHS-based projects and programs proposed by teachers, staff, parents, and students, to further our personal community-driven mission: 

Grant Guidelines: IH PTSA Grants Guidelines contain important criteria, application steps, cycle timeline, used to guide the grant review process.  We cannot fund transportation due to our insurance.  If you are a club, please check with ASB and Boosters first.

Grant Application Form: Complete application, including attachments, additional information, signatures. Return application packet to IHS main office, addressed "ATTN: Principal Erin Connolly' IH PTSA Grant Application".   Here is an example of a great grant application by Kelsey Early. You may also send your draft to issaquahhighptsa@gmail.com and ask for comments before you officially submit it.

Grant Submission Dates:  IH PTSA considers grant proposals three times each school year.  

  Application Due Date: PTSA Meeting Vote:
FALL: October 13, 2023 November 17, 2023
WINTER:  January 12, 2024 February 9, 2024
SPRING: April 19, 2024 May 17, 2024


IH PTSA Grant Application. Questions, email IHPTSAGrants@gmail.com.



Previous IH PTSA Grants:

 Year Program/Project  Applicant Approved
2022-23 Ball Chairs for LRC II Dayna Talley $310
  Library Dropbox for Books Kate Murray $1653.08
  Biotech Equipment for Biomedical Science (parts 1 &2) Sylvia Law $3236.88
  Behavioral Support Program for LRC I Tammy Unruh $300
  LRC I - Learning Access - Headphones Rhonda Chin $44.01
  Learning Strategies Library (IEP Classroom) Mikayla Fjeld $170.34
  Skit Props for Spanish 2 Classes Kelsey Early $400
  Chemistry Table Group Supplies Kelly Henry $478.28
  Textbooks for Social Psychology Natalie Sheehan $3000
  American Literature Novels Jennifer Cerasoli $3122.70
  Biotech Equipment for Biomedical Science (part 3) Sylvia Law $3289.60
  Mural Project Kelsey Early $400
2021-22 LRC Social/Communications Lunch Group   Lindsay Greene  $600
  Building Aluminum Map Rails   Kurtis Evans $1,803.03
  Pug Mill for Ceramics (50% funding from PTSA, IHS will fund remaining)  Jenn Arras $3,800
  3 replacement laptops for Black Box Theater and Performing Arts Center   Kurtis Evans $3,525
2020-21 French Magazine Subscriptions Veronique Silverman $545
  Student Art Gallery - Display cases Bridget Johns $3000
  Paper shredder for functional goals Anne Heller $250
  Event headset microphones Jordan Frost/Will St. Andre $128
  ASB Communications - walkie talkies etc Jordan Frost/Will St. Andre $198
  Banners for College & Career boards Karen Stevens $675
2019-20 Stop the Bleed Kits Healthy Students $1250
  Self Defense Mats Uramis $1818
  Extruder Stand (ceramics) Moody $790
  WebAssign (math) McCormick $500
  AP Gov Readers McCormick $1000
  Wall of Honor Jergens-Zmuda $3000
2018-19 Spanish Voices Online Reading Stimmel $560
  ASL Floor Cushions Friedli $368
  Authors Live! Crickmore $1,525
  Choir Piano Irish $1,500
  Self-defense Focus Mitts Uramis $1,000
  High Speed Dryer McCormick $2,210
  French Magazine Subscription McCormick $580
  Metal Drawer File McCormick $1,200
2017-18 Mooncakes DECA/Nie $275
  Drill Press MacDonald $820
  LRC1 Lunch Program Leon $250
  Read naturally Hovey $759
  Spanish National Exam Hayes $307
  5K T-Shirts Fortier $500
  Drive to Save Lives Connolly $750
  Radio Equipment Shanafelt $825
  HOBY Leadership Henderson $1,580
  French Magazine Subscription McCormick $300
  CycleOPS Chemistry & Physics McCormick $420
  Issaquah Speaks Lillo $500
  ELL History Text Books McCormick $1,000
  2 Stationary Bikes McCormick $2,000
  Calming Kits McCormick $200
2016-17 Radio Station Equipment Schiermeyer $5,085
  HOBY Leadership Henderson $895
  LRC1 Lunch Program Leon $500
  Science Equipment Robles $2,464
  Library Projectors Crickmore $4,014
  Two Art Kilns Moody $6,100
  Parent Ed Lending Library Rosen $172
2015-16 Backdrop rental Whiting $772
  HOBY Leadership Henderson $895
  Shakespeare Field Trip DeZure $2,377
  Crosswalk Painting/Signage Lasher $3,100
  Textbooks McCormick $9,625
  Author Visit Crickmore $1,525
  Spanish National Exam Hayes $550
2014-15 Economics textbooks Wood  $2,500 
  Summer School McCormick $2,500
  Grand Piano Longman $5,000
  Nuclear Detector Henry $1,250
  Chemistry Calculators Scaringi  $1,900
  PE Equipment Fortier  $2,450
  Visitor Tracking System Lasher $4,400 
  Student Art Collection Claudon $800
  Guided Studies Incentives Borcherding $500
  Extended Library Hours Rosen $4,000
  Community Parent Night Clawson $200
2013-14 IVision Computers/Software Bland $9,600
  Library Lamps/Décor Crickmore $2,500
  Black Box Theatre Lighting Whiting $3,700
   Body Microphones Irish $7,000
  Physics Trip Haff $1,900
  Student Art Collection Claudon  $600
2012-13 Shakespeare in Classroom Mountford $1,500
  IPads LRC1  Levine $4,100
  Wheelchair  Ostendorf $175
  NCR Notetaking Paper Borcherding $300
  Start Strong Program Bamba $14,000