IH PTSA College & Career Planning Webinars

The Issaquah High PTSA partners with outstanding college application advisors and business leaders to provide guidance on applying and paying for college, essay writing, and career pursuits.

Last Spring 2021 Webinar



College representatives provided insight and advice on how to write essays for college applications.


Here is the presentation PowerPoint and here is the Youtube recording.

Here is a list of links suggested by the presenters: 

IHS Counseling provides recommendations on their page as well: Issaquah High School's Information on Recommendations and Recommenders

 Past 2020-2021 Webinars

Issaquah High PTSA hosted several webinars during 2020-2021:  Applying to Colleges During COVID-19, The College Essay, Paying for College Without Going Broke, and College 101 - College Application Orientation and COVID-19.  Webinar slides and/or a recording of the events are below.  

“Applying to Colleges during COVID-19” with Bob Sprung and College Representatives from San Diego State University, Chapman University, and the University of Florida 

Here is his PowerPoint While we did not record this session, there is a pre-recorded video below with Sally Fouché on colleges and COVID-19 from May 2020.

  • Changes to the Common App and Coalition for Colleges, including essay changes 
  • Colleges’ Perceptions & Handling of Spring 2020 High School Grading During COVID-19
  • SAT/ACT: From Required to Test Optional. Impact?  Exceptions? Recommendations?
  • Have early action and early decision options changed?
  • Overall impact of COVID-19 on the Application Process
  • Gap Year / Community College Year: Are schools offering deferred admission? Impact on the student’s ability to get into desired school if applying a year out?  Other thoughts?
  • With most tours cancelled, recommendations for getting a feel for a school? 

"The College Essay" with Bob Sprung of Bob Sprung College Counseling, LLC.

Bob Sprung discussed what to do (and what not to do) on college essays using this year’s prompts as he steps students through essay writing.  He has extensive experience in admissions, including nearly 15 years as an admissions counselor and senior associate director of admissions with Duquesne University.

View his slides HERE and the recording HERE View his website at www.sprungcollegecounseling.com

“Paying for College Without Going Broke” with Paula Bishop

View Paula Bishop's slides HERE and the recording of this session HERE If you have further questions, you may visit her website at www.paulabishop.com or email her at paula@paulabishop.com.

NOTE: FAFSA Window opened October 1

  • How to Determine if You Qualify for Financial Aid and for How Much Aid
  • Financial Aid Award Letters - Are They Telling the Parents Enough?  Evaluating Awards

Please note that there are a number of scholarship opportunities listed in the calendar section of the IHS College & Career website.  This list will be updated throughout the year.


Featuring Microsoft Recruiters.  

Microsoft recruiters provided advice on crafting resumes, completing job applications, preparing for and standing out (in a good way) in interviews, and other job-seeking tips. 


Here is a link to the session's recording.

 Here is a link to the STAR response that Ryan mentioned.


Here's a link to common interview questions and tips on how to answer them 



Featuring Kim Guarino Bulger - a successful entrepreneur, marketing consultant to both businesses and non-profits, and adjunct professor at Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins University. 

Kim provided tips and advice on starting a business or non-profit, as well as shared ideas on growing a business or non-profit. 

A recording of the session is HERE . 

Video - College 101: College Application Orientation and COVID-19 (from 2020 spring)

Wherever your child is in their high school career, your family can benefit from the presentation video “College Application Orientation" that Sally Fouché made specifically for Issaquah High PTSA. You and your child will be making many college-related decisions: whether to take the SAT or ACT, where and how many colleges to apply to, how to prepare for the application process, and how to apply for financial aid and scholarships.  This presentation addresses all of this, plus changes to anticipate due to COVID-19.


The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) opened on October 1 and is one of the most important things for students applying to college.  Even if you don't qualify for aid, many scholarship programs require that you fill out the FAFSA.  Learn more HERE.


Academic Counseling and College Planning staff at Issaquah High School are a wealth of information for additional questions and personalized information.

Specifically, the IHS College and Career Center has a detailed webpage with a College Planning Guide and flyers for specific grade levels.  Watch an 11-minute overview of the College and Career Center website HERE.