2023-24 ACT / SAT Practice Exam Dates:

ACT Practice Exam -  Saturday, Jan 13, 2024  @9 AM
SAT Practice Exam -  Saturday, Jan 20. 2024  @9 AM
Scores back Session  - Wednesday, Jan. 24, IHS Library, 7 PM
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Registration closes on Sunday, 11:59 PM, before the test.

All IH PTSA ACT / SAT Practice Exams are taken in-person, at Issaquah High School, with check-in between 8:30 AM and 8:45 AM (at the front door) and pickup at 12:45 PM.  Exam instructions start promptly at 8:50 AM.

Students should bring multiple sharpened #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils), erasers, and a charged, personal calculator.  Closed water bottles are strongly encouraged, along with a small wrapped snack.  

***CHANGE: For SAT takers, bring a fully charged laptop as well since the SAT is now digital.***

IH PTSA Practice Exams are $25 each; scholarships are available at IHPTSAFamilyResources@gmail.com. Missed tests may be rescheduled for another date, within current calendar school year.  Unfortunately, refunds are not available.  These practice exams are open to any student, not just those from Issaquah High.

Huntington Learning Center provides the ACT / SAT Practice Exams, allowing students to undergo the process by taking previously released ACT / SAT exams. Results are considered unofficial. Families are provided with an overall score, along with category breakdown, as part of the feedback session, at a later date.  Huntington Learning Center will receive names and email addresses from the registration.
SAT and ACT are standardized tests utilized by colleges and universities as one component in their application process.  Standardized tests are administered by the College Board and American College  Testing

Questions, IH PTSA College and Career Chair. - College & Career Planning Chairperson  

Scholarship requests, email IH PTSA Family Resources.
All information and requests to remain confidential.

This is the generic email that will go out on the week of your exam.

This email is to remind you that you are scheduled to take the Practice ACT exam this Saturday at Issaquah High School.

You are to arrive between 8:30am and 8:45am. The sign-in area will be just inside the IHS entrance.  We'll have room information posted at the sign-in area. Exam instructions begin at 8:50 am. 

Please bring:

  •   a calculator (be sure it's charged)
  •   2-3 sharpened #2 pencils  (do not bring mechanical pencils or ink pens)
  •   eraser
  •   Water and snack for breaks (breaks are short)
  •   Wear comfortable clothing 

Exams should be finished by 12:45 PM.

Please join us on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2023, at 7 PM in the IHS Library to:

  • Receive your score back, with performance detailed by section
  • Learn the difference between the ACT and SAT
  • Learn about changes to the SAT next year (going digital Spring 2024)

2023-24 Past ACT / SAT Practice Exam Dates:

ACT Practice Exam -  Saturday, Sept 16, 2023  @9 AM
SAT Practice Exam -  Saturday, Sept. 23,  2023 @9 AM
Scores back Session  - Wednesday, Sept. 27, IHS Library, 7 PM

Practice SAT and ACT exams are different from the standardized Preliminary SAT (“PSAT”), an exam also known as the PSAT/NMSQT® (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test), where the highest achievers can earn National Merit scholarships.  IHS administers the PSAT once each academic year in the fall, during the school day (usually on a Wednesday in October).  This will be mentioned in the IHS Weekly Bulletin.  More information about the PSAT is available on our FAQs.

Password or log-in question, email IHPTSACommunications@gmail.com.

Questions about the practice exams?  Email ihptsaCCP@gmail.com.